MQM Stages Serious Protest in Sindh Assembly Against Deputy Speaker Shehla Raza

Shehla Raza dimagh ki dahi in Sindh Assembly. PakistanTribe.Com

KARACHI – The Mutahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM)’s lawmakers in Sindh Assembly have lashed Deputy Speaker Shehla Raza and chanted Go-Shehla-Go slogans against her behavior.

According to the televised reports, Shahla Raza used a slang dimagh ki dahi for one MQM lawmaker’s arguments on the floor and now received its backlash.

Shehla Raza was presiding the session which had to discuss the motion on prevailing law and order situation in Sindh. However, the lawmakers of MQM – now in opposition – stood up on their seats and started chanting Go-Shehla-Go slogans. They demanded to omit Shehla’s remarks from the assembly records citing them not suitable for parliamentary language.

But Shehla Raza refused to comply with MQM’s demand and maintained “My remarks were only in a lighter note and cannot be omitted from the assembly records. There was nothing un-parliamentary in dimagh ki dahi. However, what MQM members are now crossing the limit.”

The Sindh Assembly at once came in order when Speaker Akram Durrani came in the hall and replaced Shehla Raza to preside the session.


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