Indian Yoga Minister Troubles Choices for Pakistan Yoga Ministry

Yoga Minister in India. But Who will head the Yoga Ministry in Pakistan? PakistanTribe.Com

NEW DELHI – As India has add Yoga’s Minister portfolio into her union government, Pakistan seems not be ready to meet the requirement anytime soon.

Pakistan’s enthusiastic journalist Naseem Zahra Malik received interesting suggestions for the same ministry in Pakistan over twitter.

She tweeted:

The first suggestion she received was:

Then someone pointed at the veteran Pakistani politician:

Later another twitterati suggested:

Another twitterati reminded Naseem Zahra Malik that:

Not to forget that living up to his promise to promote India’s therapeutic traditions, Prime Minister Narendra Modi created a ministry of yoga and alternative therapies for the country. India’s prime minister is known as an avid yoga fan.

Modi used his September address to the United Nations General Assembly to promote the practice and call on member countries to mark June 21 as International Yoga Day.

“Yoga should not be just an exercise for us, but it should be a means to get connected with the world and with nature,” Modi said at the U.N. “It should bring a change in our lifestyle and create awareness in us, and it can help fighting against climate change.”


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