Bye Bye Ali Moeen Nawazish’s 21 A’s, Welcome Haroon Tariq’s 30 A’s

New World Record of A's in A-Level Set by Pakistani Haroon Tariq. PakistanTribe.Com

ISLAMABAD – The A-mania seems not to be ending anytime soon in Pakistan as now another A-Level student has scored 30 straight A’s for the exams held under Cambridge University.

According to the published reports, Froebel’s International School’s student Haroon Tariq made six world record in academia records in one go by as he scored 87 A grades: 28 A’s in O-Levels, 30 A’s in A-Levels, 29 A’s in IGCSE and 30 A+ grades.

Haroon’s achievement has yet again put Pakistan in the spotlight of Oxfard and Cambridge style education.

It is also worth mentioning here that the previous world record holder was also a Pakistani. Zohaib Asad had achieved 28 A’s. The trend, however, first gained popularity after Ali Meen Nawazish received 21 straight A’s back in 2011.


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