Pakistan Officially Becomes the Sixth Largest Populated Country in the World

Population of Pakistan

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s Population Council has now officially declared Pakistan as the sixth most populated country of the world with the growth rate of 1.95 per cent.

According to an official handout of Population Council the revelation was made in an advisory meeting of the body.

It is also believed that with this growth rate Pakistan’s population in 2050 would surpass the 340 million mark. However, the body believes that by implementing the family planning strategy in letter and spirit at least 30 per cent decrease in population growth could be made possible.

The last census in Pakistan was held in 1998 according to which Pakistan’s population was 140 million. Later on, Pakistan never had any accurate population check and only population growth indicators are being used to refer its total population.

According to the World Bank’s 2013 estimate the population of Pakistan was 182.1 million.


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