Pakistan Welcomes the Bikes With One Rupee Per 9-Kilometer Average

All Specs of E Bikes Bikes in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD – Bike riders of Pakistan can avail an alternative now in shape of petrol-free bikes in a bid to create an environment friendly transport modes for the country and its mileage cost is as low as one rupee every nine kilometers.

The first batch of E-bikes – with built-in rechargeable batteries – had already hit the largest metropolitan city Karachi.

The electric bike commonly known as E-bike, comes with a electric engine and runs on chargeable batteries. Athar Ahmed Khan, the owner of TAZ Trading which imports E-bikes in Pakistan, hopes to replace the 70 cc bikes with this eco-friendly alternative.

TAZ Trading has already sold 25 bikes in Faisalabad and is hopeful about the future of these bikes in Pakistan after the launch in Karachi.

According to the Pakistan’s largest auto-mobile trading website PakWheels, the E-bike runs on rechargeable batteries which is an eco-friendly option that can help reduce the high amounts of air and noise pollution in Pakistan. When it comes to speed, the E-bike can do 60 kilometers per hour and close to 70 kilometers per unit of electricity. The Energy Conservation Department of K-electric did an analysis which shows that for every nine kilometers the cost is one rupee. In the duration of one charge, the bike can cover a distance of up to 100 kilometers, which means that the running cost can be reduced by up to 90 per cent.


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