Police Holds National Highway Authority Responsible for 59 Deaths

Khairpur Accident Update and FIR

KARACHI – The breathtaking accident which caused as many as 59 casualties in Khairpur has come hard on National Highway Authority (NHA) for neglecting the maintenance of the road and earned police nomination for being sole responsible.

The deadly incident occurred when a passenger bus was en route to Karachi from Swat and collided with the truck on Theri Bypass.

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Masood Bangash of the concern police station – Shah Hussain Police Station – revealed that NHA was nominated in the First Information Report (FIR) for being responsible of this menace. He also said that police was the plaintiff in this FIR.

At least 59 people lost their precious lives in the horrible accident that included 17 women and 18 children. The injured were shifted to Khairpur civil hospital for medical assistance.

Although according to eyewitnesses and Edhi sources, the driver of the bus dozed off as his vehicle hit the truck. However, after visiting the site of the accident along with Khairpur Senior Superintendent of Polce (SSP) Motorway and Member National Assembly (MNA) Dr Nafisa Shah, AD Khawaja the Motorway police chief of Sindh, held the National Highway Authority responsible for the accident.

Khawaja told one international news agency that the poor condition of the road may have been a factor, as well as bad driving. “There was a deep ditch on the road which we call ‘rutting’ some 30 to 40 yards before the place where the bus hit the truck,” he said.

“We have learned that the bus went out of control after it hit the rutting and it landed on the opposite side of the road and then hit the truck which was coming from Karachi,” he added further.

A section of the National Highway, which the above bypass is connected to, has been under construction for the past five years while the other side is also partially damaged.


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