Kohat’s Fruits and Vegetable Market President Reinvents Economy Principles

Afghan Refugees in Kohat

KOHAT – The local traders have found the reason behind price hike of fruits and vegetables which, according to their representative, are Afghan Refugees as they take part in bidding.

The President of Kohat – metropolis in Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa (KP) – Fruit and Vegetable Market Sharifullah Khan went as far as demanding the ban on Afghan Refugees to take part in the bidding for fruit and vegetables. Many humanitarian organization have condemned this approach and called it a barren strategy to hide self greed.

Sharifullah Khan told the media persons that over 70 per cent of the fruit and vegetable sale business was in the control of Afghan refugees, who owned shops, kiosks and handcarts in the area.

He said that the Afghan refugees, who outnumbered the local business traders, offered high rates during the bidding of lots early in the morning, leaving very little space for the local traders to do business.

He also alleged that the Afghan Refugees did not accept the rates fixed by the market association and charge the customers at their will with the connivance of the local police. As a result, heavy escalation of prices was witnessed.

He claimed that if the district government fixed the price of banana at Rs 80 per dozen the refugees would charge customers between Rs 150 and Rs 180 for the same. He also said that the refugees had little respect for the local laws.

Immediately, PakistanTribe could not contact any Afghan national from Kohat’s market to get his stance. However, one legal expert Advocate Syeda Sarah Fayaz told the correspondent that there is no such law in Pakistan which restrain Afghan Refugees to conduct Fruit and Vegetable business.

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