Mohsin Hasan Khan Bashes Banned Fast Bowler Mohammad Amir

Mohsin Khan Bashes Mohammad Amir

ISLAMABAD – Former skipper and national coach Mohsin Hasan Khan has strictly turned down the decision of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to facilitate the come back of pacer Mohammad Amir.

Mohsin Khan was expressing his anger on the matter on Tuesday.

He said “How could they (PCB Management) do that? Do not they have any sense of patriotism?” When he was reminded that Mohammad Amir had already completed the tenure of his punishment and nothings would be done out of the International Cricket Council (ICC)’s law, Khan said “You have murdered the dignity of your country. How could you be facilitated again?”

Giving in to accept any compensation for Mohammad Amir, Khan went on saying “If you can do such criminal act at the age of 17 then anything can be expected from you.”

Mohsin Khan maintained that if Mohammad Amir is to be compensated then Salman Butt, Muhammad Asif and Danish Kaneria must be consider for this leniency.

Yesterday, PakistanTribe reported that new ICC law would favor the pace Mohammad Amir. Viewers can read the complete news by clicking here: Report.


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