Two Brothers Brutally Slain their Mother and Sisters in Lahore

Honor Killing

LAHORE – The life for daughter of Eve seems not to be any easier in Pakistan as in an unfortunate yet brutal incident male members of a family killed their mother and step-sisters to preserve their ‘honor’.

According to the details available with media outlets, one mother and her two teenage daughters (names kept anonymous on purpose) were murdered on Tuesday in Township area of Lahore.

The brothers (names kept anonymous on purpose) used a dagger to kill the victims in the name of honor. The investigation officer of the concern police station has also confirmed that murderers confessed that all three slain victims allegedly had bad characters and indulged in bad activities.

Arresting the murderers police has also recovered the weapon – a sharp dagger. The bodies of the deceased have also been taken to the mortuary for postmortem investigation.

PakistanTribe believes in ethical reporting of the incidents like these. Names of the all those involved were kept anonymous on purpose to protect the security and honor. However, if anyone wants information about this or any other incident reported on our portal, she/he can contact us anytime round the clock. 


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