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KARACHI – The Pakistani drama industry has come a long way. Every year, we witness addictive and touching stories that keep us entertained. However, behind the success of every hit drama is the contribution of a director.

This article lists ten of such legend Pakistani drama directors who have worked hard to provide us with quality entertainment.

 Shoaib Mansoor

Shoaib Mansoor is a Pakistani television and film director, producer, writer, lyricist and music composer.He became internationally known and popular for directing the 1982 classicAnkahi and class comedy series, Fifty Fifty (1980), and the military fiction series, Alpha Bravo Charlie (1998).

Mansoor found further critical acclaim for his musical writings songs for Vital Signs in 1990s, and introduced the band nationwide. A versatile artist, he became popular and respected film director after the release of critically acclaimed, Khuda Kay Liye (2007) and Bol (2011). Mansoor won many awards for his work, and is an honorary recipient of state honour, Sitara-e-Imtiaz.

Sahira Kazmi

Sahira Kazmi is a very famous Pakistani actress, director and producer. She joined the media with her husband, Rahat Kazmi and has since then become one of the most commanding figures in this field. Sahira has performed admirably in plays such as Teesra Kinara and Parchaiyan.

However, she has since put a halt to acting and has started directing and producing. She has directed several musical shows and dramas. At present, she is one of the most popular Pakistani producers, and runs her own production house in tandem with her husband, Rahat Kazmi. Sahira is also the mother of Nida Kazmi, who also joined the Pakistani media as an actress. Sahira is revereed as one of the pioneers of the production industry, and her dedications have earned her the award for best producer several times throughout her career.

Shahzad Khali

Perhaps one of the best directors that the Pakistani media industry has ever produced, Shahzad Khalil has done a tremendous amount of work in this field. Shahzad started direction in the early 1980’s, and after doing a few music videos, Shahzad switched over to drama serials. After facing initial difficulties, Shahzad gave his best directive performance in the drama serial Tanhaiyaan. The drama is currently regarded as one of the finest serials ever to be cast on the television screen, and it gained international repute as well.

After that, Shahzad has done several other directions and is still active in the media scene today. Apart from direction, Shahzad has also taken up production. He owns his own production company too. However, he shall always be remembered for directing one of the most popular drama serials ever, and with great beauty too.

Rashid Dar

Rashid Dar, one of the best drama directors Pakistan Television has ever produced.

Being the director of the classic PTV drama ‘Sona Chandi’, Later on, Rashid Dar directed a long play titled ‘Ragon Main Andhera’ in the year 1983 as part of a series of long plays. Penned by Younis Javed, the long play depicted the lives of police officers with Rahat Kazmi, Irfan Khoosat and Jamil Fakhri as the cast members. The play ended up becoming so popular that PTV Lahore Station decided to make a whole serial out of the theme. With Qavi Khan replacing Rahat Kazmi in the serial, the series went on to become the longest running play on PTV, creating characters that are remembered even to this day.

Apart from these two dramas, Rashid Dar directed a number of other unforgettable plays. His directorial projects include popular dramas such as ‘Darya’, ‘Patt Jhar’, ‘Manchalay Ka Sauda’, ‘Fareb’, ‘Khwahish’, ‘Ghubaar’, ‘Hazaron Raste’ and ‘Musaafat’. All of these dramas have been evidence to Rashid Dar’s expertise in the art of direction and the way his dramas left a lasting impression on the viewers of these dramas.

Qasim Jalali

Qasim Jalali is a very famous producer for PTV. Even though most of the producers have now opted for private channels, Qasim’s association has never waivered from the Pakistani network. He has a great number of successful productions to his name, such as Parosi, which was also his debut in 1974. His most famous serial production however, has to be Tipu Sultan.

Another famous production of his, Kaali Deemak also achieved a great amount of fame. Qasim has enjoyed success on all fronts, and even today he is one of the most popular Pakistani producers.

Mohammad Nisar Hussain

Mohammad Nisar Hussain was basically a textile engineer but he started his showbiz career with stage dramas. He joined Pakistan Television in 1964 and produced his first TV play Bano ki Diary which was written by Bano Qudsiya. His famous drama serial wereEk Mohabbat So Afsanay, Hairatkada, Qila Kahania, Dramay and many more.

Ayub Khawar

Ayub Khawar is a famous Pakistani director. He mainly used to work with the PTV Center in Lahore, having directed all of his dramas from the PTV Lahore Center. He has become one of the household names in the Pakistani drama industry as his affiliation and work relationship with the media has gone on for very long. Throughout his career, Ayub only worked with PTV, but his affiliation with national television ended recently when he left PTV and started working for private channels. He has worked with all of the most popular stars of Pakistan, having directed famous drama serials such as Khwaja and Son, Fishaar, Din, Daldal, Inkaar, Ghareeb-e-Shehar, Qasmi Kahani, Nisaf Sadi Ka Qassi and Kahani Ghar. All of these serials were directed for PTV.

Iqbal Ansari

Starting his career as a director and producer at Pakistan Television in the year 1970, Iqbal’s earliest projects included quiz shows and children programs. From here, he made a move towards drama direction and realized that this was the field actually meant for him. Among his most famous productions for PTV are ‘Ab Mera Intezar Kar’, ‘Amawas’, ‘Anarkali’ and ‘Ajaib Ghar’.

Kazim Pasha

Kazim Pasha is a popular Pakistani script writer best known for writing popular dramas such as Jangloos.

Kazim has been a household name in the Pakistani industry, and his associations with Pakistani media goes over two decades. He has been a writer and a producer, and is considered to be a very reliable man in the Pakistani media industry. Kazim Pasha is also a very famous director, credited with directing some of the most popular drama serials in the Pakistani media industry, such as Kashish.

Nusrat Thakur

Nusrat Thakur was among the most seasoned and renowned directors ever produced by Pakistan Television (PTV).

Nusrat started his career as a radio artist in the 1960s and few years later, made his way towards television where he was soon promoted to assistant producer to the famous TV drama producer Yawar Hayat.

His most famous and celebrated drama as a full fledged drama producer was ‘Waris’, which was aired during the 1980s.

Other successful drama serials to his name are ‘Waqt’, ‘Ghulam Gardish’ and ‘Piyas’.

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