Pakistan Owes Million Rupees Outstanding Debt from India and Bangladesh

India and Bangladesh Owes Millions to Pakistan

ISLAMABAD – Although Pakistan is already in debt to International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank and many governments around the globe but there is at least one state which has to pay as much as Rs 7.95 billion.

According to the statistics released by State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) even after four decades of its separation, Bangladesh never give back any amount Government of Pakistan had taken from international monetary institutes. Other spending were in form of advances and paper bonds.

According to one estimate every Bengali citizen bares at least Rs 50 to Pakistani state. It would be shocking for many Pakistanis as their state itself is facing external debts of $ 65,533 million as latest by second quarter of the year 2014.

More interestingly Pakistan’s friendly neighbor India has yet to pay the long standing dues which go back to the independence in 1947. According to the latest statistics, India has to pay Rs 5.86 billion to Pakistan.

Indian economists and government now believe that after disintegration of Pakistan in 1971, Bangladesh holds an equal share in the amount payable on India.

Pakistan has never consulted to any international arbitrator or court of justice to get back his due right from India.


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