Four Infants Give Up on Breathing Due to Loadshedding in Karachi

Karachi Babies

KARACHI – The four infants have given up breathing – died – when due to loadshedding National Institute of Child Health (NICH) failed to provide them oxygen through incubators.

The sad incident took place on Saturday evening. Sources from inside NICH confirmed that if alternate power could not be arranged in time more infants’ live could be on stake.

The medical representatives confirmed that death of two infants occurred as they could not provide proper oxygen to infants. The NICH is the largest government run health facility for the infant children yet three to four incubators always remain out of order.

Commenting to the issue the Director of NICH Dr Jamal Raza said “There is no truth in the deaths of four infants. Only one casualty took place and that too due to disruption in electricity after a technical flaw. K-Electric supplies uninterrupted the electricity to NICH and there are four standby power generation for the backup.”

However, the one father of deceased infant claimed that he himself witnessed three more new-born dying.


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