Worst job in the world?



BEIJING – A single worker is having to painstakingly destroy a 45-metre high structure one brick at a time so his company can save a “fortune” on explosives.

The patient employee is having to use just a hammer and a chisel to demolish the towering chimney as part of the unusual business plan.

Demolition firm boss Chung Lei said his unorthodox approach helps save money usually spent on explosives and associated insurance.

However, the 48-year-old added it only works if his clients are not in a rush to have their buildings demolished.

He said: “If you are looking at demolishing anything here you need to spend a fortune for the explosives and the license to use them, as well as demolition experts and all sorts of insurances against making any mistakes.

“In contrast you can also do it with one man and a hammer, it takes longer, but if there is no rush then you save a fortune.”

Using his different business tactic Mr Chung has been able to offer a knockdown price compared to rival demolition firms that use explosives.

He said business is booming and his firm, who operate in China’s Shanxi Province, have dozen of workers demolishing buildings in the area.

The painstaking demoltion work takes place over the course of a few weeks

Mr Chung said: “The chimneys were no longer in use and needed to be removed, but the other buildings around were still in use and couldn’t be damaged.

“For an explosives expert that’s a specialist job and it means a lot of money.

“For me I just need to get another couple of lads, give them a hammer and a rope, and come back in a month to collect the cash.”


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