Dream to living on the Moon soon become reality



LONDON – 3D printing a house sounds pretty sounds crazy, but doing it on the moon sounds completely bonkers.

But that’s exactly what designers and scientists are hoping to do in the future.

The European Space Agency and top architects Foster+Partners, are developing a robot that can build a strong safe structure using 3D printing technology.

And just to prove the idea isn’t as insane as you might think, they’ve popped a video on YouTube explaining all.

After blasting to moon the base is first unfolded from a tubular module that is be transported by the space rocket.

An inflatable dome then extends from one end of this cylinder to provide a support structure for construction.

Then using the latest technology, a robot would 3D print an exoskeleton using moon dust collected from the surface to protect an inflatable dome that serves as a lunar base.

This structure needs to be incredibly strong as the Moon has no astmosphere and gets bombarded with dangerous rays and meteorites.

The space home also has to protect dwellers from the extreme temperatures that affect the moon.

From start to finish it’s hoped the moon house can be built in three months and has enough room for four astronauts to live in.

The 3D lunar base is still a concept, but with advacements in 3D printing it might become a reality sooner than we think.

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