Pakistan shows Red Eyes to India, White Silence to Bangladesh


ISLAMABAD – The Foreign Office of Pakistan (FoP) has finally spoken in the favor of Kashmiri Freedom Fighters which according to the Indian Defence Minister are separatists elements. However, “diplomatically” avoided to comment on death sentencing of Jamat-e-Islami leaders in Bangladesh.

In the weekly press briefing from the spokesperson – Tasneem Aslam – of the foreign office, media representatives were told that Pakistan would not accept the conditions attached to dialogue process.

In what can be regarded as strong tone and words, the spokesperson of foreign office stated “The dialogue between Pakistan and India is not a favor that one country does to the other. Dialogue between Pakistan and India is a necessity for peace in this region so that South Asia also focuses on economic development and welfare of the people.”

“We do not accept any conditionality. Kashmiris are not Indian separatists they are people in occupied territory struggling for their right to self-determination that has been recognized by the United Nations resolutions. Pakistan is a party to the dispute. So this contention is not acceptable,” she added.

But interestingly the flare in tone and words was hugely reduced when another question demanded a comment over the death sentencing of Jamat-e-Islami leaders in Bangladesh.

Twisting to ¬†answer, the spokesperson said “This question was raised at the last briefing as well as earlier this year. Our response is the same. Bangladesh is a fellow Muslim country. Pakistan and Bangladesh history goes back to pre-independence. The people of Bangladesh and people of Pakistan struggled together for independence. As a fellow Muslim country and a fellow SAARC country, we wish the best for the people of Bangladesh. We have repeatedly said that while we do not comment on the internal developments in other countries, at the same time we are monitoring the reports and we have noted the comments by the other countries and by human rights organizations about the these trials.”

Yesterday, while speaking to media representatives after meeting with Imran Khan, jamat-e-Islami Chief Sirajul Haq announced the countrywide protests in the wake of Bangladesh’s awarding death penalties.


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