Common Man Still Awaits to Get Benefit of Lowered Petroleum Prices

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ISLAMABAD – The local travelers of Islamabad and Karachi are still paying old high fares despite the decline in petroleum goods mainly due to stubbornness of the transporters.

According to the information gathered from different sources as recent as on Thursday the local transporters in Islamabad were charging minimum Rs 15 per passenger. Moreover, the longest destination fare was being charged as much as Rs 50. The charged fare of the longest destination is already Rs 20 higher than the fixed fare.

While talking to PakistanTribe‘s correspondent, a local resident of Rawalpindi maintains “There was never any check on the local transporters. They charge as much as they want from the passengers. They deviate from their assigned routes. There is no authority one to question them.”

When a driver of local transport was asked about the high fares, he said “We are employees. We do not own the vehicles. The owner does not believe in petrol price hike or its decline. He demands a fixed amount from us at the end of the day. What we should do if not charge high fares from the passengers?”

Moreover, the Karachi Transport Ittehad (KTI) has also refused to lower the fares. According to the televised reports the general body of KTI refused to accept the pressure from provincial government citing “Our vehicles bare CNG fuel kits. Government has not lowered the CNG prices. If government decrease the CNG rates then we will consider lowering the fares.”

The Pakistan Muslim league-Nawaz (PML-N) led federal government has lowered the prices of petroleum goods on November 1. Following to which Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif wrote the letters to all Chief Ministers advising them to bring its benefit to commoners. However, its the sixth day and neither provincial government of Sindh nor federal government could establish the prices of local transport.

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