Conquer Fear, Live Life

Conquer fear, Live Life | PakistanTribe.comIt is not a mistake that you commit a mistake; the mistake is that you fear mistakes. Fear hampers what you are here for. Mistakes are good, mistakes teach you, while fear deprives you of knowing.

When newborns come into this world, they cry. Alexander, too, was once a baby who must have cried, but what makes him different is his attitude towards life and his victory over fear. Tutored by Aristotle, a scientist and philosopher, Alexander took charge of cavalry at the age of 18. He defeated Athenian and Theban armies. He set out to conquer Persia. It was feared that he could not be vanquished. He conquered Egypt, and established his kingdom from Mediterranean to the borders of India. He once said, “Upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all. That’s very true, because one is what one thinks. If you have a defeatist attitude, you will be defeated by every misery you encounter. But, if you conquer fear, victory will be yours.  Alexander said. “There is nothing impossible to him who is prepared to try” and his words will remain an inspiration to those who want to try, and a pave a way of hope to those who dare not.

What is the ultimate in life? It is not luxury or a handsome salary that is the ultimate achievement in life. It is not the colossal buildings that are a mark of success and happiness. Living a good life is the ultimate achievement. It is you, who are the master of your heart and soul. You choose your way – for life is worth living.

Every person is endowed with different qualities. The need is to analyze yourself and polish the qualities you possess. Once you know yourself – and are yourself – you conquer your fear. And once you conquer your fear, you conquer everything. That is the first step towards contentment. But, now question arises, ‘What is contentment?’ contentment of heart doesn’t mean money, it is living your life. Live your life to the full, and achieve your ultimate goals.

Faith is that gives confidence. Confidence is belief in those abilities God has endowed you with. Thus, know thyself, says Socrates.

Living life requires learning, learning requires initiatives, initiatives require willpower, willpower requires conquering of fear. And fear is the mistake that hampers your happiness. Conquer your fear – and live your life to the fullest.


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