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The Snake | PakistanTribe.comWhat does a snake do? It stings. It eats its own babies. It stings even the one who loves it. The virulent thin creature that has no arms, no legs; looks at the other animals and all it wants to do is sting all of them.

Filled with insecurities and incapabilities of not being able to run or fly or hunt like the lion, it just knows how to sting. Another interesting thing about snakes is they can’t dig a hole since they don’t have any arms. The only way they can have a home is by injecting the venom into a rat or any rodent that can dig a hole on its own, and then take over their homes. It then makes the seized home, it’s own home.

It’s a joy of its own. No legs, no arms, no might like the king of the jungle and here it has won and has a home of its own. For this snake in particular things were a little different. It had been living with a snake charmer. It was fed milk and not blood and flesh. It was trained so that it doesn’t sting, the charmer didn’t remove its venom glands because he trusted the snake. People clapped and awed at the snake’s performance, at least that’s what the snake thought. Only to find out it was being fooled. It was the charmer who took all the credit of charming the snake, who was the same old same stinging, venomous, horrifying reptile. The truth that nobody knew was that the snake had lived with the charmer as a choice. It loved the charmer, especially when after the performance it was fed milk and trained to feel glorious. It was over. The snake had to leave the charmer. The false glory had to end. The snake left the next night.

No food, no place to go, no one to go to. A lonely poisonous, rancorous snake slithering on the roads, making everyone scream, pull out a gun, attack and kill it. What’s the snake left with? Venom. The only one thing to protect its soft flesh and acerbic insecurities. It had to kill the rat and find a new home. Yes, the snake’s an evil monster, it just knows survival.

It now needed friends and a mating partner to reproduce and some food after it digests the rat. It found friends. A bunch of lunatic snakes. They were good to hang out and prey with. For some time the snake thought it had found home again: friends, a mate, a home and even food when needed. It seemed perfect. The snake knew that the rest of them were snakes after all. They are nobody’s friends but their own. They will sting it one day or another. The difference between them and it was the nurture. At the end they will find out about all its insecurities and weaknesses and will string it to take over, but the snake fooled itself again and didn’t bother much because it sounded absurd, they were friends.

However, the day came soon. They bit the snake. Why? Nobody knows. Maybe they didn’t like the fact that it was a different snake, maybe the snake was just a bad natured snake, maybe the snake was too selfish and they didn’t like it. The snake didn’t know the reason. It was poisoned and could only think of ways to recover. A tiger helped the snake. A mind boggling twist. The snake could only question this bizarre occurrence but could never understand it. The instant recovery made it feel hungry. Attack the tiger was only what kept coming in its mind. A confusion. Panic. Hard to decide and go against the instincts.

It didn’t sting the tiger, instead it devoured the rat that entered the tiger’s den. Nobody understand the snake’s world. The confusions, the fight and the struggle in its own head, self-created mostly. Only if the snake could run away from the self-detrimental thoughts of its own making. At the end it’s a lonely snake, paving its way to another kill, another prey. A venomous creature, who, in its own head is the king of the jungle.


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Lahore, Pakistan based, Komal Faiz is Founder of Design Pakistan, Communication Designer, photographer, UGRAD alumni, writer and a person who likes to analyze and take initiatives to bring change.

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