Despite consensus deadlock over legislation on missing persons persists

Despite consensus deadlock over legislation on missing persons persists | PakistanTribeISLAMABAD – Despite the consensus among all political parties deadlock persists in parliament over legislation on the issue of missing persons.

Unknown reasons are cited for the delay in the legislation despite the draft was finalized since long.

Through the proposed law, all the institutions including intelligence agencies were made answerable to parliament on the issue of missing persons.

The procedure relating to working of intelligence institutions is to be formed and sections pertaining to ensuring the constitutional protection of the civil population have been included in the bill.

The possibility of pressure has been shown the reason for deadlock over the legislation in the missing persons’ issue.

According to report, several months ago, the functional committee of Senate for human rights finalized the bill under the resolutions in both the houses of parliament for making the responsible of forced missing to be answerable under the constitutional law and recovery of missing persons in the country and for permanent solution of the issue.

On account of the consensus of all the political parties, there would be no delay for approval of the bill on being tabled in the parliament. The committee has also ratified.

While the Senate standing committee on foreign affairs, in its current meeting for recovery of the missing persons, has also recommended for approval of the proposed bill.

It is pertinent to mention here that resolutions were unanimously approved in both the houses for three years ago in 2010 for recovery of the missing persons. It was recommended for bringing the responsible to justice for lifting any citizen taking unconstitutional steps and for reviewing the course of action of the intelligence institutions.

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