KARACHI: Walk and Seminar on World Stroke Day

KARACHI: Walk and Seminar on World Stroke Day | PakistanTribe.comKARACHI – A walk led by the District Commissioner Central Dr. Syed SaifurRehman was organized to celebrate World Stroke Day observed on Wednesday.

A public awareness seminar was also held to raise awareness among government officials and general public.

Walk was started from the office of DC Central Dr. SaifurRehman and led by him along with Senior Director Medical and Health Services, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) Dr. Salma Kausar. Assistant Commissioners (ACs), town health officers, doctors of Sindh Health Department and KMC, and general public participated in walk by holding banners and placards depicting slogans to prevent stroke. Participants went on road and walk was culminated back at the DC office.

Later, a public awareness seminar was held in the seminar hall of DC Central office. Dr. Syed SaifurRehman, Dr. Salma Kausar and Senior Registrar, Department of Neurology, Abbasi Shaheed Hospital Dr. Sobia delivered their lectures.

Talking to media on culmination of walk and later speaking to seminar, DC Central highlighted that diseases burden is increasing day by day in Pakistan put pressure on national economy as well. “It is much better to increase numbers of people in parks and play grounds than establishing news hospitals. Routine immunization of children needs to be improved, whereas smoking and use of other forms of tobacco should be avoided. Sale of tobacco to children under age of 18 and sale of tobacco within 500 meters of educational institutions is banned by government but unfortunately it is not enforced. Blood pressure and sugar should be controlled whereas junk food should not be consumed to avoid stroke, he urged.

Dr. Syed SaifurRehman said that government is equally responsible for increased burden of diseases, as it is its responsibility to provide play grounds where people from all age groups can be involved in physical activities including games. This will also discourage young children to stay at homes playing video games. Morbidity is more painful than a sudden death, as it is not only a disease but a burden on family, society and overall economy of the country. Health facilities need to be improved. Media can play very important role by imparting education to masses on prevention of stroke and other such diseases, he stressed.

KMC Senior Director Medical and Health Services Dr. Salma Kausar said that blockage in blood vessels leading to brain can cause stroke but this could be avoided by changing luxury lifestyles and increasing use of healthy foods like vegetables. Patients at risk should undergo regular checkups for their blood pressure and sugar etc. KMC hospitals have facilities to treat stroke and later on rehabilitation of patients, she added

Senior Registrar, Department of Neurology, Abbasi Shaheed Hospital Dr. Sobia highlighted causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment options during the seminar.

Stroke has become third most prevalent disease in the world now, which is much increased in Pakistan during last 15 to 20 years. High blood pressure can cause or trigger many diseases including stroke. Weakness in arm, leg or face, difficulty in vision or sudden unconsciousness could be symptoms of stroke and patient should immediately be rushed in major hospital having facility of CT scan. Such patients should not be given disprin tablets, water or any other food as this can aggravate the disease, Dr. Sobia stressed.


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