Australia Based Angel Ali Tribute To Pakistan Becomes A Global Inspiration

Australia Based Angel Ali Tribute To Pakistan Becomes A Global Inspiration  | PakistanTribe.comSYDNEY – Australia based musician Angel Ali had probably not anticipated that one month prior to the release of her debut song, a cover of popular Pakistani song Jab Dil Jaley, the video for the song which features her passionately walking and running through the streets of Sydney, Australia with the Pakistani flag in hand created waves in this local music industry.

The song is her tribute to Pakistan, a country she has great love and respect for. Angel has received an immensely positive response from Pakistanis for her effort – not only has she covered an all-time great Pakistani song, but has also sung the entire track in Urdu.

In a short span of time, Angel has managed to gain a lot of popularity for her song as well as her powerful vocals, primarily via social media and music channels in Pakistan which have aired the song at high frequency based on popular demand. One of the thousands of people who have liked her song is Pakistan’s very own rock star, Ali Azmat – formerly front man for the band Junoon, who sang the original version of Jab Dil Jaley. He shared the video of Angel’s cover of his song on his Facebook page, with the message: “Best cover of any of my songs, plus the Pakistani flag. Love it. Who is this woman?”

A shot of Angel Ali in Jab Dil Jaley
A shot of Angel Ali in Jab Dil Jaley

Angel is an inspiration for many aspiring musicians globally, and makes the young upcoming generations realize that they really can achieve their dreams if they remain focused and motivated. Like any artist, there are tough challenges Angel too has endured while trying to achieve her dream. “I just wanted to promote hope and love no matter what. There hasn’t always been positivity regarding the message I wanted to portray. From the inception to the completion, I was forced to take a strong stand for what I believed in because I knew what I wanted to say. I also knew that I had created a divide in the sand by being labeled as picking a side by some along the way, but I’m cool with that. People see what they want to see, regardless, I won’t back down from who I am or my journey”, she says.

For those fans of Angel’s who have been anxiously waiting for the next release, the good news is that she will begin work on it by the end of this year and anticipates just as great a response to her next single, as she has received for Jab Dil Jaley.

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