Can you believe this sign of life on Mars?



LONDON – Nasa has been beaming photos from space since their mobile robot Curiosity landed there in August 2012.

Keen-eyed amateur astronomer Joe White, 45, noticed a chunck of rock in the footage which looks strangely like the long snout of a crocodile.

Joe, a space video journalist, from Bristol, said: “I was playing another game of ‘interplanetary I spy’ when I found the crocodile looking thing just sitting there on Mars.

“Compare the nose and mouth morphology to a crocodile on earth.”

Joe believes the croc is either fossilised or frozen which could once again indicate there has been life on Mars.

The image was shot from the six-foot-high right hand side mast cam on the Curiosity Rover earlier this year.

So far NASA have yet to release a statement about the martian reptile.

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