It’s time to Windows watch ‘launching within weeks’



NEW YORK – With every tech company on the planet launching wearable devices, it seems Microsoft don’t want to be left behind.

Reports are suggesting the software company will launch their own smartwatch in the next few weeks.

According to Forbes, it will be similar to other devices already on the market and feature fitness trackers and heart rate monitor.

There are also reports it will count calories burned and have an extended battery life.

Microsoft could also be making the watch compatible with Android and Apple phones, as well as the company’s own Windows devices.

If true, this could be a smart move.

Currently, Samsung watches only work with Galaxy phones, Apple Watch with iPhone and the Moto 360 with Android smartphones.

So to create a cross-platform watch will clearly open it to more users.

As they continue to improve and with Apple’s wearable hitting wrist next year, smartwatches are becoming a must have accessory.

And with Microsoft now joining the wearable revolution things could be about to get exciting.


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