To Robin Williams:

Robin-William-MoviesThis year on August 11th the whole film industry suffered a great loss in the form of an legendary actor and comedian Robin Williams.

Robin Williams rose to fame as “Mork” in the TV show “Mork & Mindy” and so his inspiring career began, although television had been the start of his career the main form in which he stole the heart of the whole world was through movies.

Stunningly inspiring movies which led to moments of intense laughter and heartbreaking tears. He first stole our hearts by playing the character of the spinach loving Popeye in the movie “Popeye” 1980, a character long forgotten in this generation though thoroughly remembered in another one.

From there on he won our hearts in “Good Morning, Vietnam” 1987 while playing a radio DJ and then in 1989 through “Dead Poets Society” when he played an English teacher who inspired his students through poetry.

Posters of Robin William Movies | PakistanTribe.comAnd who could forget when he played The Genie in Aladdin who to this day is remembered and beloved by all. Through there the list goes on and on with movies under his belt like “Mrs. Doubtfire”, “Jumanji”, “The Birdcage”, “Good Will Hunting”, Night at the Museum and Happy Feet.

All the characters he played were unique, full of charm and wit and when the characters intended they had unparalleled comedy. He was nominated multiple times for both the Golden Globes and the Emmy’s but that did not matter to those who fell in love with his movies. They were just beholden to him for making them laugh and let go of their worries.

Robin Williams is, was and forever will be a legend; one that the whole world will sorely miss and grieve for | PakistanTribe.comRobin Williams is, was and forever will be a legend; one that the whole world will sorely miss and grieve for.

So to Robin Williams we are grateful for all the times you made us laugh and to all the times your words left tears in our eyes.

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