Pakistan’s Most Venerated Journalist, Iftikhar Ahmad, Joins BOL Group

Pakistan’s Most Venerated Journalist, Iftikhar Ahmad, Joins BOL Group | PakistanTribe.comKARACHI – One of the most experienced and fearless journalists that Pakistan has the honor of calling its own, Mr Iftikhar Ahmad, has joined BOL Group as Senior Executive Vice President and Senior Anchorperson.

Mr Iftikhar Ahmad has pursued the cause of truth and justice with a thoroughness and honesty that is unrivalled in the history of journalism in Pakistan. 

Mr. Iftikhar Ahmad began his career in journalism in 1982 and after working for various publications including Daily Aftab, Daily Pakistan and Weekly Istiqlal, joined Daily Jang as a reporter. Later he did special assignments and political reporting before becoming in-charge of Political page. In 1987 he started the tradition of non-political interviews, giving insight into lives of political and other famous personalities. He was then appointed Editor Jang forums, a print journalism debate forum where he conducted hundreds of debates on national and political issues, including sensitive issues like Private Shariat Bill and Kalabagh Dam. Later he also became Director of Elections, Geo Investigate and Special projects Jang Group. Since then he has covered around six elections, bringing minute to minute coverage of election to the audience.

Over the course of a remarkable career spanning more than thirty-two years, Mr Iftikhar has proved time and again his undying commitment to the pursuit of truth and justice. His decision to join BOL is a mutual honor and a momentous victory for BOL. 

“Mr Iftikhar Ahmad is a Shaheen whose addition to BOL will strengthen the flight of BOL,” said Mr Shoaib Ahmad Shaikh, BOL’s Chairman and CEO.


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