What it takes to build a modern bathroom

Contemporary Bathroom

Contemporary BathroomPeople want their bathrooms to be bold, beautiful and comfortable these days, because this is not the era of shabby-looking bathrooms in dilapidated state. Modern bathrooms are standout features within any home, and developers and architects increasingly allocate more space to bathrooms and use only the finest quality fittings such as steam showers, bathtubs, and stainless steel faucets.

This contemporary style of construction demands that designers’ involvement be absolutely imperative in every corner of the home, and with their involvement the bathrooms designed today are very different from those built even only a few years ago. And drawing a line between the types of bathrooms is getting easier as there are many different styles, each with its own distinct look.


Though it is easy to split the styles into the two main – and broad – categories of contemporary and traditional, there are tons of other styles that offer a fine blend of modern functionality and classical appearance. For instance, a more retro look that oozes a rustic charm is something that is highly popular these days.

All modern bathrooms features the necessary modern fixtures as a rule. It is the design aesthetics and usage of space that makes the difference between a good modern bathroom and an ordinary one.

To achieve that perfect look, you can carefully play with contrasts in the colours and materials you plan to use. What your floor is going to look like, how it is going to contrast with the sink and vanity counter as well as the rest of the fittings, and what sort of tiles you will use for the walls will together determine the final look of your bathroom.


For vanity countertops, granite is currently a great and highly recommended option. You can also get a great look by using synthetic countertops of unusual shapes. Glass countertops and washbasins are even better.


Marble and tile flooring is usually preferred in bathrooms for the obvious reason that they do not allow water to seep into the floor below them, but they are both fairly ubiquitous and no longer bring anything special to the bathroom. What is a great idea is to use wood or carpets in the areas that have no direct contact with water (splash zones).

If you still prefer to use tiles, be mindful that the time of shiny, glazed ones is long past. Using tiles with rougher surfaces for flooring minimises the chances of slipping, not to mention the fact that they look extremely good.


The walls of the bathroom are a different story. To get an open, vibrant and fresh look, you need to be really careful about the colour combination you are planning to employ, because the wrong choice of colour on the walls can quickly make even the most spacious bathrooms seem cramped and uncomfortable.


Bathtubs and hot tubs are awesome on their own, but it is much better to include both a shower and a bathtub in the same bathroom but in separate areas. Not only is it a much better look for your bathroom, it is added functionality.

Your choice of washbasins, commodes, showerheads, faucets and other fixture determine the usage of your bathroom and define its ambience. In the last few years, the designs of bathroom fixtures have become very varied and now you have plenty of options to pick from. You may find these fixtures in different finishes and a rainbow of colours, with classic, contemporary and mixed styles. If you need advice as to what sort of tiles you should use, you can get in touch with the experts on Zameen.com Forum.

In short, the bathroom space is no longer something you or your contractor can throw together willy-nilly if you want to have a house that screams quality and good taste. Modern bathrooms demand designer input and decent fixtures and materials, and while the price may go up as a result, having a great-looking bathroom is an investment you will look back on with satisfaction.

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