Red the color of symbolizes passion, fire, love, and anger



NEW YORK – Red is energizing. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action.

It signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination. It is also strong-willed and can give confidence to those who are shy or lacking in will power.

Here look National Geographic amazing red color’s based images.

Wedding Ceremony

Picture of a Samburu wedding celebration, Kenya

Here, Samburu families celebrate during a three-day wedding ceremony in Kenya. Several days of elaborate ceremonies are designed to counteract superstitions and bring the new couple good luck.

Iron-Rich Creek Bed

Photo: Water in a red creek bed

Iron-rich rocks create a rust-red creek bed for fast-flowing waters in Alberta’s Waterton Lakes National Park. The Canadian park lies across the international border from Montana’s Glacier National Park.


Kitt Peak National Observatory

Picture of red laser showing imperfections in large mirror, Arizona

A red laser is used to illuminate imperfections in a giant mirror at the Kitt Peak National Observatory in Arizona. The observatory includes the largest collection of optical telescopes in the world.


Sea Oats

Photo: Red sea oats and storm clouds


Darkness lends a reddish tint to sea oats bending with storm-whipped winds in Saxis, Virginia. The salt-loving tall grass thrives in beach ecosystems and helps to form and protect sand dunes by collecting windblown grains.

Wedding Cave

Photo: Chinese cave decked out for a wedding

Rich red draperies and glowing paper lanterns transform a rocky cave into a magical wedding hall in China’s Hubei Province. Red is the traditional color of Chinese wedding celebrations.


Schoolchildren With Umbrellas

Photo: Taiwanese children with red umbrellas

Nothing can dampen the enthusiasm of Taipei schoolchildren gathered for a celebration of Double Ten, Taiwan’s national day. Double Ten remembers the October 10, 1911, revolution that ended China’s last dynasty.



Picture of flowers blooming in a field, Israel

Poppies bloom near Mount Tabor in the Lower Galilee in spring. The Galilee attracts both tourists and religious pilgrims to its holy sites.

Moroccan Mosque

Photo: Entrance of a Moroccan mosque

A glowing keyhole arch and dusty-red walls frame the minaret of Al Berdain Mosque in Meknès, Morocco. The arch’s lighting also suggests a crescent moon, one of Islam’s traditional symbols.


Lake Magadi

Photo: Red tide in an African lake

Kenya’s Lake Magadi blushes under a bacteria bloom following a rainstorm. The extremely salty, alkali lake holds little life, but its waters are a favorite spot for wading birds.

Fallen Maple Leaf

Photo: Red maple leaf on a tree trunk

A solitary red maple leaf lies on the trunk of a downed tree in Maine’s Acadia National Park. The United States is home to some 90 different species of maple trees.


Maple Leaves

Photo: A maple tree with red leaves

A Maryland maple tree shows off the flaming foliage beloved by “leaf-peepers.” Experts say most people judge the quality of each autumn’s foliage by the prevalence of red leaves.






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