Just one cigarette cuts 14 minutes of your life



NEW YORK – You might think that just one cigarette ‘can’t hurt’. But it could in fact cost a smoker almost 14 minutes of their life, according to new calculations.

A new website has worked out how much time a smoker, alcoholic or a drug addict will lose, each time they use.

Each time a heroin addict takes a normal dose of the drug, they cut almost 23 hours off their life. Methadone cuts almost 13 hours and cocaine cuts 5 hours, the website claims


The calculations were made using data from official sources including the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


Heroin addicts cut their life the most, followed by chronic mephamphetamine and methadone users. The estimates are for addiucts where negative effects would be cumulated over time


People who smoke 20 cigarettes a day will die at an average age of almost 69, losing ten years of their life


Alcoholics usually start drinking at 16, cutting 6.6 hours of their life with each drink, losing 23 years overall 


A chronic cocaine user will lose 5.1 hours of their life with each 150 mg line. A gram of cocaine a day will lead to them dying at an average age of 44.5, cutting a massive 34.3 years off their life


Mephamphetamine users taking 5.3 hits a day will die at an average age of almost 37, cutting their life by almost 53 per cent. One hit could cost a user 11.1 hours of their life


Methadone addicts will lose 38 years of their life, taking four pills a day. The average age to begin use is at 22 years old, and they will be addicted for an average of 18 years


Heroin addicts will reduce their lives by more than half (52 per cent) after an average 14.5 years of use. The normal dosage of three injections a day will cost a user 68.4 hours of their life

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