Appointment of Rana Bhagwan Das as Chairman Evacuee Trust urged

Appointment of Rana Bhagwan Das as Chairman Evacuee Trust urged | PakistanTribe.comISLAMABAD – “Illegal occupation and corruption related to the Properties owned by Minorities occurred due to appointment of non-Hindu Chiefs of the multi-billion Evacuee Trust Property Board in the past.” These views were expressed by a delegation, comprised Ramchand, DrShankar Lal, Nandlal and other Hindu Pakistani personalities, during their visit to the secretariat of Pakistan Hindu Council, adding that the Liaqat-Nehru Agreement 1950 bounds Government of Pakistan to appoint Hindu chief.

“Appointment of non-Hindu person, Syed Asif Hashmi as Chairman of Evacuee Trust Property Board, in the previous Government regime, resulted in large scale corruption regarding minorities’ properties.” One of the delegates regretted.

The delegates have urged Present Government to avail services of Ex-Chief Justice of Supreme Court Rana Bhagwaan Daas, a renowned Honest, Devoted and Patriotic Person.

During the meeting, participants have also requested Patron-in-Chief of Pakistan Hindi Council, Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani who is also MNA of ruling party, to play his due role to ensure implementation of Liaqat-Nehru Agreement 1950, so that reservations of Hindu Minorities regarding their sacred places and illegal occupation of their properties could be addressed.

On the occasion, Dr. Ramesh Kumar said that he had earlier raised voice on the floor of National Assembly related to this issue and willing to remind Prime Minister of Pakistan to look into this matter on priority bases.

“Pakistan Hindu Council is quite hopeful that if Rana Bhagwaan Daas is appointed as honest chairman of ETPB then not only corruption cases of minorities will be dealt with but also income generated by Evacuee Trust Property Board could be used for the development and prosperity of Pakistan.” PHC President Chela Ram Kewlani said, while assuring of the utmost support to resolve concerns of Hindu Delegates.


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