JI to lead IDPs sit-in if their demands not accepted, says Siraj

JI to lead IDPs sit-in if their demands not accepted, says Siraj | PakistanTribe.comLAHORE – Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Sirajul Haq, has said that if the government did not accept the demands of the IDPs within thirty days, the JI would hold a unprecedented sit-in in Islamabad with hundreds of thousands of the tribal people before which the all other sit Dharnas would fade away.

Addressing a tribal Jirga at Markaz e Islami, Peshawar, on Thursday, he said if others could hold sit Dharnas against rigging, the Pushtnons could sacrifice their lives for their honour. He said he himself would lead the Dharna of the IDPs. the IDPs wanted honorable return to their homes. He said the government had been repeatedly claiming that 80 per cent of the area had been cleared, therefore, the IDPs of those areas should be allowed to go home. He said that the children of the tribal people also needed schools, and health facilities like those in other parts of the country.

The JI chief further said that had a befitting response been given to Indian’ aggression at the Line of Control,   New Delhi could not have dared to continue unprovoked firing for several days. He said that over a dozen Pakistanis had been martyred due to Indian firing during the last four days and more than forty others had been injured but the rulers in Islamabad had not given a courageous response to the enemy. He said that a statement by the Defense Minister on the fourth day of the Indian aggression was an insult to his office.

            JI provincial chief Prof. Muhammad Ibrahim Khan, Malik Shahnawaz Khan, Khan Mirjan Wazeer, Malik Janbaz Khan Wazeer, Malik Niaz Khan Dawar, and other tribal elders attended the Jirga.


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