QMobile enters Pakistan’s market with a big bang

QMobile enters Pakistan’s market with a big bang | PakistanTribePakistan’s mobile market is an extremely vibrant market where people keep upgrading their mobile sets. This ensures new models that become popular selling like hot cakes in Pakistan. Companies taking innovative steps based on the behavior of the customer have been successful.

One such success story is that of local mobile company the QMobile which has also captured the imagination of the consumer in Pakistan, with the local brand becoming extremely popular despite the foreign brands available. This company provides the customer with a variety of important brands under one label. And the success of this venture can be gauged by the fact that it has doubled its imports within a year. QMobile not only provides different models but also provide them with the most affordable prices as well. The Q Mobile has recently flooded the market with more variety of Smartphones – which has set off frenzy among the customers.

QMobile has received many raving reviews since its launch. In an article in Daily Times

the Q mobile’s share in overall mobile market of the country has reached 40 percent while it has got around 65 percent Smartphone market shares, claimed a Q mobile official.”

According to another article printed in the Express Tribune the QMobile: Conquering the Pakistani market, one phone at a time 

“ QMobile – the first Pakistani mobile phone company – has introduced phones packed with high-end features at very competitive prices to the Pakistani market, and it seems to be doing great business.”

The success of QMobile can be seen in the business it has done only this year:

For the year ended June 30, 2012, its revenues stood at Rs761 million – up by a staggering 85.8% over the previous year.

(QMobile: Conquering the Pakistani market, one phone at a time)

In an interview, founder and CEO of QMobile Zeeshan Akhktar talked about how he had founded this company in 2008 and in just five years his company has become the second largest company in the market. Talking about the Smartphone, Zeeshan said,

The future belongs to smart hand held devices. Moving forward, I believe we will soon see ‘regular’ featured phones (within certain price segments) replaced by smart phones….only smart phones are capable of providing better software solutions to consumers in the shape of varied applications.”

Q Mobile has impressed critics and has been given raving reviews by many. An article posted on eTechcrunch in September 2013 says the QMobile in

has conquered the Pakistani market with a huge line up of models including touch screen features…. It also provides the Android operating system run Smartphones, which is the most popular platform nowadays. You can now buy an Android Smartphones for as low as Rs 6, 500 along with one year authentic warranty, with thanks largely to Q mobile.

The QMobile has introduced innovation into the Pakistan mobile market and quickly become the number one mobile phone company in the country.

The website AdClout gives you an option of the best five QMobile Smart Phones available, providing the customers with a large variety of models at differing prices to cover a large number of customers from differing budgets.

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