Facebook become one of the most popular tools that humans have ever used



NEW YORK – Facebook has only been around for ten years, yet it’s already taken over as one of mankind’s most-used tools.

Flint tools were used for millennia to keep humankind alive- for making food, clothing and fighting.

Facebook is used for posting pictures of your nights out and chatting to your friends.

One of them has more users than the other.

One in six people on the planet are on the social network. That’s 1.28bn users out of the 7bn alive now.

The number of people who have ever lived is calculated as 108bn by the US Population Research Bureau.

Astonishingly that means one in 84 of ALL the humans who have ever lived use Facebook.

This is masses more than the number of humans who used flint tools – which was around 656m.

That means that  0.6% or 1 in 166 of ALL the humans who ever lived used flint or stone tools.



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