14 Health Mistakes You Will Regret in the Next 14 Years



NEW YORK –  The decisions you make today will reflect on the way life changes. 14 years may seem like a lifetime away, but it will hit you faster than you think. So make the right decision now and avoid these 14 common health mistakes that you will regret in a decade and half.

Eating mindlessly when you’re bored

Remember when you picked up that big bag of chips while watching TV and you mindlessly ended up eating the whole packet? Food can lure you at any time of the day, but you have to be cautious enough to determine whether or not you’re really hungry. Mindless eating usually involves unhealthy snacking, which not only adds on to calorie intake but is usually less nutritious too.


Many people start smoking in their 20’s. What may seem like a stress buster ends up adding a whole bunch of health risks to your life chart. Heart disease, cancer, skin problems, oral problems etc. are only a few of the health risks caused by smoking. Consider quitting smoking now as it is much easier than living with a disease all your life.

Eating too fast

You body needs 20 minutes to realise if you’re satiated enough or not. When you eat too fast, you overeat without realising how hungry you are. Then, 20 minutes later when your brain signals your satiety level, you end up feeling overfull. Such overeating leads to indigestion and weight gain as well. Get into the habit of eating slowly and paying attention to the food you eat.

Binge drinking

Drinking is not a big problem unless you begin to binge drink. Studies say that binge drinking can lead to several health risks like high blood pressure, heart disease and liver disease too. Apart from these major diseases, binge drinking can also cause you to gain weight, due to the empty calories you consume through alcohol.

Comparing yourself to others 

By constantly comparing yourself to others, you are harming your own peace of mind. Set your own goals and strive for your success on your own. This way you will do better, without stressing your mental wellbeing.

Skipping exercise

You probably wake up at 7.00 am to go to work and get back home at 9.00 pm. Where is the time to exercise you ask! Just because you are active and busy all day, doesn’t mean it does you any good on the physical front. Weight gain is one of the most common outcomes of our sedentary lives. Exercise is the only way to beat it. If you really want a fit and toned body in the next 15 years, you must find the time to add exercise to your schedule.

Wasting time

Wasting time is a habit that tends to linger on. Imagine wasting valuable time procrastinating when you could be doing something that will aid you, even if that means going to sleep. Get rid of this habit now and you won’t end up regretting the time you spent idling away.

Not eating breakfast

Do you often rush out in the morning without catching up on your breakfast? Then you should note that studies say that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. When you wake up in the morning, your body is starved since you last had dinner eight hours ago. Breakfast fuels your body with energy, thus allowing you to have an enthusiastic day. Skipping breakfast will cause you to feel fatigued and you may just end up over-eating at lunch due to the excess hunger.

Watching too much TV

Why sit in front of the TV when you could be doing something valuable? Skip your TV time and use it to exercise, or meet friends, because these are the things that will leave behind positive outcomes 15 years from now.

Biting your nails

Many of us begin nail biting at a young age and end up continuing this habit as an adult too. No matter how often you wash your hands, nail biting causes you to expose yourself to the bacteria in your nails. It also leaves your nails and cuticles damaged and ugly looking. Quit biting your nails now, because the more you harbour this habit the worse it will get.

Entering unhappy relationships

Relationships are meant to keep you happy and secure, but when they turn sour they only end up being an albatross around your neck. Give your relationship a fair chance to work out at first, however, if it doesn’t work out, don’t be afraid to let go. Letting go now will cause you some pain, but at least you won’t have wasted all those years unhappy, depressed and burdened.

Not getting enough sleep

You may have a career to tend to, but don’t sacrifice sleep in the bargain. Sleeping well will keep you energetic and alert at work. It will also keep away stress and other diseases that could arise due to lack of sleep. Plus, you might have a lot more things to worry about in the future; you might as well get some good sleep now.

Giving up to soon

Giving up too soon is another habit you might come to regret 15 years from now. Whatever it is that you’ve been trying to achieve, whether it is a career goal or a weight loss mission or a relationship, don’t lose courage too soon.

Holding grudges

Holding a grudge will only take up a lot of mental space and cause you unwanted stress. Let go of grudges now and free yourself from a lifetime of mental torture.

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