BOL Network Got Strange Response over Joining of Wasim Badami

Strange Response to BOL Network’s  Recent Announcement | PakistanTribe.comISLAMABAD – Upcoming media enterprise in Pakistan, BOL network got strange response over hiring announcement of known TV anchor Wasim Badami, reported.

Many senior Pakistani Journalists while commenting on social and other online communication groups, criticized BOL network and Wasim Badami over the development.

“The CEO BOL says he has caged a ‘Shaheen’ & made him a ‘Parrot’ to ‘Bol’ for him in their ‘ Palace’ of Corruption.”said Hakim Baluch.

Ayesha Siddiqa commented with: “Considered as loudest voices of reason” wow!

Irfan Ashraf gave a very different advice to Wasim Badami with following words:

I love me syndrome. Mr. Badami can you reduce the number of adjectives which you have associated with your self-promotional rhetorical text. The profession, which you think you are part of, does not approve of “adjectives” and that too ascribing such objectives to oneself (as a journalist) is not a good idea. I wish more money for you in BOL but journalism is already a causality of the crop called anchors. So it makes no difference where you go.


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