Google’s New Smartphone could be the largest ever



NEW YORK – If you thought the iPhone 6 Plus was big, wait until you see this whooper from Google.

The internet giant’s next smartphone is rumoured to have a mega 5.9-inch display.

In comparison, Apple’s 6 Plus has meagre 5.5-inch screen.

Google’s Nexus 6 looks likely to made by Motorola and from these renders, produced by Droid Life, could take some of its styling from the company’s Moto X.

It could also feature a super HD screen, Snapdragon 805 processor, 13-megapixel camera and 32GB of storage.

There’s also an interesting rumour that the phone will have a quick power option included.

This will bring eight hours usage from just 15 minutes of charge.

It’ll no doubt land in your pocket with Google’s new Android Lollipop operating system.

You can expect the phone to be announced later this month alongside Google’s new Nexus 9 tablet.

And if the 5.9-inch rumours are true, it’ll be interesting to see how the size goes down with Nexus fans.


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