Blu Vivio’s world’s thinnest phone



NEW YORK – If you like things skinny then there’s a new smartphone that might take your fancy.

It’s called the Blu Vivo IV and at just 5.5mm thick is now the world’s thinnest phone.

This record was previously held by Huawei’s Ascend P6 device, but the Chinese tech giants have now been well and truly beaten.

Somehow, Blu Vivio’s designers have managed to squeeze a 5-inch HD display and a very quick Octa-core processor inside its tiny shell.

16GB of storage is included although sadly, this can’t be expanded.

You also get a 13-megapixel rear camera and 5-megapixel front facing snapper.

This record breaking phone lands in your pocket at a very reasonable price of £180.

It comes in three colours and is currently on sale in the US only, but could be heading to the UK soon.

We wonder how well its super-slim design will cope in the bendability test?


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