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“5′ 6″ tall. On-going relationship with the boyfriend. Adopted kids of various ethnic backgrounds.” This information is pointing towards only one name. The same name who once being lambasted by a sexist attack from flotilla tourist. Therefore, it is not necessary to take actual name every time.

The hottest lingerie of last year was a revelation made by Yasin Bhatkal that his clan in India would now work for Al Qaeda cutting ties with Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Bhatkal believed that ISI had deviated from the ideology of true Jihad as it once followed. The details of what Bhatkal and his contact talked about are readily available in newspapers and on the internet. However, one astounding fact still stands tall that this intel was intercepted by India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) – our friendly neighbor who always believed to be hungrily searching for a clue against ISI.

Intel like these, normally, calls for preparedness against avalanche of debacles. But soldiers whose decade long crafty workout built ‘strategic assets’ in the country’s north-western usually take it as a routine matter anyhow. Or the Mil-Biz, as Ayesha Siddiqa calls it, saw as opportunity in that situation. Perspective difference must be looked at objectively thoroughly.

The Mil-Biz, over the years, has evidently and eventually transformed into the solo-center for all power brokers. No doubt that the one window facility has earned the regard for Mil-Biz. This solo-center now wants to keep all national corridors of regional importance directly or indirectly under its thumb. And the list contains pretty much everything. Yes, even no exception for the friend (neighbor) whose friendship stands higher than Himalayas.

Ever since the construction of Makran Coastal Highway, vessels seems to be feeling uncomfortable at Port Qasim. Committees after committees, reports after reports and recommendations after recommendations have suggested that the vessels’ life get drastically shortened due to polluted waters at Karachi harbor. Therefore, a new dockyard must be traced with at least these specs: must possess a dredged of more than 3 kilometer length and 10 meter depth; turning basin should be of more than 300 meter diameter; and there should be a heavy duty road connecting the dockyard to a major cantonment city.

Obviously, the committees to locate the new dockyard for vessels were not at all looking its existence somewhere near Mundra. It is not necessary to take actual name every time. Specially when the given information, or in this case demands, point towards only one direction. But in a country where ideas are not even the bottom priority such ideas are useless to even talk think about.

Lets discuss flotilla rider. No? Okay how’s about the famous female anchor soon giving birth to her second child? No? Umm, what about the ‘script’? Okay. Got it. Yeh video check ker mera jiggar. Dekh kaya burger hai:

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