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Magnificent minds make magnificent memories. Magnificent memories modify mindsets. Mindsets mediate mavinist mavin’s macaronic memoir. Meanwhile mild malady molds. Mainly majestic maker manage malice meetly. Moreover, melodies manifest massive mastery.

Mastership of the nine-months let someone born yet again. But olden characteristic of a personality sticks on the skin. Humans, unfortunately, can come out of skin but dreading it off is not an option for us. Majestic master, however, sees more good rather olden characteristics in a mavin.

Milestones like these might have lost the significance yet these are being covered inch-by-inch. Every moment crafts this memoir, every day adds a melody to its existence. This milestone is a memory waxed in philosophy of compassion. The compassion which passed by soft and harsh realities altogether.

Memorable memoir melodized the lives in an affable way. From the ‘Hi-Tea’ to ‘The Dictator’ everything turns into shining silver if not gold. Smooth transitions welcomed the beginning of a new world. But few doors are often left open in the past. Purpose of such doors would have been the occasional visit of sanity from the past. Along with sanity sometimes darkness also travels. Yet its up to the majesty and the mavin to only accept the sanity and let the darkness travel by without damaging and being noticed.

Mavin sees straight and plight to guard majesty. Guarding sometimes means building hard walls around hard realities. Hard walls do not let majesty see beyond them. But the majesty must have a faith that there would be a danger beyond those walls. Faith could be built on tracks of compassion only. That is the only bright way or else it has to be a blind one. And the mavin will never chose the later.

Memento of majestic melodies are not meant to be caged. It flies, chirp and tweet freely and almost wildly. However, the two souls cannot live in one body. Split personality, if any, can be taken care of. Although, acceptance would be the first step towards this plight. But one of the laws must be kept supreme. One it has have to be. Law that what comes may, mavin’s crafts for majesty shall not and cannot rust regardless of time and space. And it is a ‘I solemnly swear’. Happy ninth.

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Hissan Khan is currently working as the Editorial Head of Pakistan Tribe's Islamabad Office. Having work as current affairs host, news analyst and C4D expert, Hissan holds a good command over communication and development strategies.

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