Relationships no less than disposable commodities

Relationships no less than disposable commodities | PakistanTribe.comIt is unfortunate to see that the relationships in today’s society are tantamount to disposable commodities.

The essence of sincerity, honesty and truthfulness in the various relationships and commitments is gradually mitigating. The prior marital commitment; so called engagements settled by the families are viewed least considerately. Presently, the families view such commitments as fragile and consider no shame or shyness in finishing them without any valid reason.

This is especially true for the families of the guys, who initiate the call for marriage. The male domination is massively prevalent in our society to an extent that the marital commitments such as engagements of the couple are deemed to be no less than replacement commodities.

It is becoming indeed easy in the contemporary era to end the sacred marital commitments without any justified genuine cause. The religious principles are ignored and violated in ending the marital commitments on baseless reasons. The elements of sympathy, consideration and painstaking attitude seems to be strongly missing in ending the long held marital commitments. There is no regard for humans’ emotions in terminating the marital commitments such as engagements. This is especially true regarding the families of the guys, who extend no regard or courtesy in recognizing females’ emotions in ending the marital commitments.

Woe to such families indeed, who hold no sympathy or courtesy in recognizing the females’ emotions once ending the marital commitments held. It must be confessed that such people are devoid of God fearing qualities in them. There stands a dire need for such families to instill a sense of sympathy, courtesy and consideration once settling the lifelong marital commitments.

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