Is your friend the best ever? Top 10 rules of friendship revealed



LONDON – THE TOP 10 rules of friendship were unveiled yesterday, from keeping a secret to providing an alibi at the drop of a hat.

The friend must also be a shoulder to cry on, know your favourite tipple and be available in an emergency, day or night, says a poll.

Other strengths that we demand from our closest pals are always being happy to get a round in, remembering birthdays and getting on well with your partner – but not too well.

The rules were revealed following a survey of 2,000 adults by the website, which connects people with like-minded individuals to share activities.

Professor Merlin Stone, of the website’s London launch team, said: “This research shows what it takes to be a good friend and many will be able to relate to the rules.

“If you can resonate with many of them, you are very fortunate to have found solid friends to rely on.”

The study also found the perfect pal will change their plans to help you out, even if it means inconveniencing someone else, will always be proud of your achievements and trusts your opinions implicitly.


t found that friends must protect you from unwanted attention in bars and know what clothes suit you.

The average adult has just four true friends and one best friend, the survey found. On the whole, men speak to more friends daily than women do.

On average, they have three which they drink with regularly whereas women have just two.

The poll also found younger people are more likely to have a greater circle of friends.

Those in the 18-24 age bracket have six “true friends”, while those over 55 have just three.

Peter Dickson, the voice of ITV1’s X Factor and one of the founders of, said: “Although having a circle of great friends is a huge asset, it doesn’t mean we will have a like-minded buddy on tap.

“Our website gives everyone a route to get out there with someone like-minded who’s easy to find.”

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