Japanese festival lets you sample your coffin, burial clothes and makeup BEFORE your funeral



TOKYO -For some people, being buried alive is the worst fear imaginable. It even has a scientific name-taphophobia- which comes from the Greek word for grave, taphos. 

Meanwhile, in Japan, premature burial is a cause for celebration. ‘Shakatsu Festa’ is an mountingly popular national festival, attracting over 5000 visitors a year.

The event also draws in 50 different coffin companies and ageing businesses, who compete to be the leading funeral brand in the country.

The term shukatsu roughly translates to ‘preparing for one end’. The festival offers a personalised approach to preparing ones funeral: would be corpses select their own funeral attire and blend of deathly make-up, then hop into their own customised casket and and capture the moment with some funeral-selfies.

Once they’ve finished relishing in the notion of their own death, punters can seal the deal by having attendants cover them with a blanket and close the lid.

It was reported by Oddity Central that the trend of designing your own funeral has transcend being a mere gimmick: ‘coffin manufacturers are actually printing coffin-manuals for people to browse through.

Shukatsu is an understandable trend when you account for Japan’s changing population. The country has just had it’s third consecutive year of having the oldest population in the world, with people aged 65 and older now making up over a quarter of the population-the highest ever recorded figures.

It’s only natural that that someone would capitalise on this by encouraging the trend of funeral forethought.



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