Concept house is pinned to the side of a cliff



LONDON – If you’ve ever wanted to have the ocean right at your door, this concept property on the Australian southwest coast seems to be precariously clinging to the side of a cliff – just metres above the sea.

The aptly named Cliff House extends off a vertical rock face and is anchored to the cliff side with support beams.

Cliff House was conceived of by Australian prefab architecture specialists Modscape Concept, who were inspired by the shape of barnacles clinging to the hull of a ship.

The concept home, which seems to almost propel off the overhang, makes the property look as if it is an extension of the landscape. On their website, the architects say that their aim is to create ‘an absolute connection with the ocean.’

The five-storey home will be made from prefab modules which are arranged in a vertical floor plan.

Each ‘room’ or floor will then be stacked atop the other and held in place with engineered steel pins which are driven into the cliff face.

Residents will enter the property from the cliff top at floor level and will use an elevator or stairs to descend to the bedroom, living area and kitchen.

The lowest floor of the concept home will comprise an outdoor space which seemingly floats about the water and a stunning – if rather scary – view of the ocean awaits.


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