Loyalty to A Retired Chief

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The hypocrisy of monglers does not let them see the men engaged in prompt flood response. The thousands of lives have been saved once again but yet the most important mongler-for-life issue remains protection of the lords. Until, of course, he requires another escorted visit to a tourist resort or a business for the production house, the ISPR’s only job is to release statement in his master’s favour.

Mongler(s) who remained the personal hottie of chief now must show loyalty. Patterns of this loyalty can be traced back from the days when he was suggesting a third-time-role for his master in the national security council. Later when former one DG locked horns with mongler(s)’ master over Zarb-e-Azb delay, he was the one shouting foul. And last but not the least, defending his retired master over alleged role in polls’ rigging.

As a nation, such mongler(s) and their masters never let us grow and make better choices. Jerry cans and Ephedrine medicines cannot hold Qadir Bakhsh like for long. People must know the reason for which every year Qadir Bakhsh constructs a house in the delta of River Chenab.

Ultimately mongler-for-life must look into the matters that why NDMA’s rapid response still reply on the soldiers. Mongler-for-life can lick the boots later. But for now the most apt question to ask is that why even after a whole decade since disastrous earthquake, the democratic civilian government failed to form an action force of its own.

Qadir Bakhsh and millions like him are waiting.

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