‘Script Digger’ – A Story from the River Chenab

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Qadir Bakhsh’s issue can never make an appearance to the prime time. Reason? He is not a mongler, does not sexually exploit anyone, he runs no ‘not-for-profit’ enterprises and cannot lobby with chief of staff at lunch tables. His ‘posh bungalow’ is situated in the most expensive area in Sialkot – delta of the River Chenab. The expense of living there is loss of household and sometimes life.

Perhaps digging for the insight of ‘inconclusive’ talks between India and Pakistan Indus Water Treaty (IWT) Commission would mean nothing for mongler(s). Their prime motive of ‘mogler for life’ is to dig the insight of a ‘script’. And script against whom? Against those whose Urdu magazines he used to translate into English for Rs 1390.

But eventually mongler(s) will take their cameras to Chenab’s delta. He will shout at top of his voice for the victims. He will call the Ephedrine accused to send couple of hundreds medicines. After all the ‘not-for-profit’ enterprise needs a record for the audit at the end of the year. Many others will follow the foot steps and carried out the assessments. Who would look at the details objectively? None.

  • Why Qadir Bakhsh and other of his kind build their houses in delta of the River Chenab?
  • Why Indus Water Treaty Commissions conclude their three days meetings ‘inconclusively’?
  • Why a mongler keep extra martial affairs with girl(s) half of his age?

Let’s conclude the answers of these questions inconclusively as well. Meanwhile, someone will definitely give Qadir Bakhsh some kitchen utensils, jerry cans and mats.

Aur sunao… dharnay kay script ka kuch pata chala?

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