Do YOU check your partner’s phone?



NEW YORK – If you’ve ever taken a sneaky look through your partner’s phone, new research claims you are not alone.

One in five men, and a quarter of women, in relationships admit to snooping through texts, apps and pictures on their partner’s devices.

Although almost a quarter of male snoopers said they did so because they are nosy, 12 per cent admitted they were trying to catch their partner lying to them.

But looking for evidence of cheating was the number one reason why men looked through their boyfriend or girlfriend’s phone on tablet.

Almost a third of women said their excuse was curiosity, only 21 per cent thought their partner was cheating and 14 per cent wanted to see if their lover was lying to them.

And more than half of men said they found evidence of cheating or lying, compared to 71 per cent of women.

Although women were more likely to confront their partners about the lies.

‘One may think that people who snoop on their significant other to find evidence of cheating or lying are being paranoid,’ explained Avast.

‘Unfortunately, the majority of them are not paranoid–their gut feeling is often correct.’

A high percentage of respondents claimed they didn’t need a passcode to gain entry to their significant other’s device.

More than 40 per cent of women reported their partner’s device did not have a passcode, compared to the 33 per cent of men.

Both male and female respondents claimed to know their partner’s device passcode because their partner had shared it with them in the past, unknowingly setting themselves up to get caught.

More than half of men and women who check their significant other’s device said they believe their partner does the same, and this was more common in couples who had been together a long time.


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