Forget smartwatches, put a RING on it! Jewellery vibrates to alert you to incoming calls, tweets and texts



NEW YORK – Just when you thought you were ahead of the curve with your smartwatch, a new trend could mean you soon have to ditch your wrist wear for something far more stylish.

California-based Mota have become the latest company to unveil high-tech jewellery that can notify you whenever you’re tagged on Facebook or have a reply to your tweet.

The group claims its ‘SmartRing’ will help you filter messages from work, friends and family without having to lift a finger.

Once paired with an Android or iPhone, SmartRing users can receive notifications of incoming calls, text messages, calendar notifications and email.

The ring, set to be unveiled at IFA this week in Berlin, displays the notifications in text form allowing users to scroll through the words.

‘Notification of incoming calls, texts and app information has become the single most important function of a mobile phone,’ said Mota Co-Founder Kevin Faro.

‘But it’s also become a major thorn in the side of the mobile user. The types and sources of notifications are proliferating rapidly.

‘Increasingly many are being presented as urgent. Users tell us they continually have to delve into different apps on their phones and are becoming swamped trying to keep up.’

The SmartRing aims to deal with this problem by displays notifications on one side of the ring, with optional audio or vibration notifications to go with it.

It also has settings options which allow users control over which types of updates come through.

Currently, SmartRing works with Facebook and Twitter, and, if enough people support the SmartRing, the company said other apps such as Instagram, Uber, and LinkedIn could be added.

The Mota Smart Ring is water resistant, has a display that can be seen in bright sunlight and will be available both in black and white. Price details have yet to be unveiled.



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