Things You Need To Carry When Going Wild

Things You Need To Carry When Going Wild | PakistanTribe.comGoing out in the wilderness is all about getting out of your comfort zone and getting rid of all the stuff that you’re entangled in during your daily routine. And this includes all the mountains of stuff that we bury ourselves in everyday. Cell phones, laptops, handbags, books, chargers and what not! So going out for a wilderness conference must mean freedom from all material stuff and complete, uninterrupted immersion in nature, right? Right.

However, before we think of going all caveman in the wild, there are some essential things that any good backpacker would never forget to carry along while venturing into the wild. These are things that not only ensure your safety and protection, but also enhance your wilderness experience by ensuring that your mind is free of concerns regarding the weather, you health, hygiene, comfort and nutrition, and help it concentrate on the more important thing around you: nature.

So lets start with the most important item. The thing that you carry all the other stuff in: your bag pack. A sturdy, reliable small sized one, enough to carry three days clothing and necessities will do.

Next up will be warm clothing. Temperatures in the area can plummet down with one brief rainfall, so pack up your thickest warm jackets for the trek. Warning: when it becomes cold up there, woolen sweaters will leave you shivering. So make sure you carry a jacket with you. Also carry scarves if you want to, to shield from sunlight or cold.

You’ll also need a pair of strong shoes, not necessarily the high tech trekking stuff, but boots with soles that have a reliable grip and that are strong enough not rip apart at the first rocky hike that you encounter. Something between tennis shoes and trekking boots.

Another thing you must carry is at least a spare set of clothes in case of rain or any other contingency. Also carry a bag full of essential toiletries and, although you will have medics accompanying you, medicine for any specific health condition that you have, just in case.

At the end of the day, it’s important to keep stuff you carry along at a bare minimum, because the one of the reasons behind going into the outdoors is in the first place to get rid of material paraphernalia that we find ourselves stuck in during everyday life.

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