PTI, PAT Sit-ins: Why Cameras Fixed On Women Crowd Only

PTI, PAT Sit-ins: Why Cameras Fixed On Women Crowd Only | PakistanTribe.comI’ve been observing it since the sit-ins started in Islamabad that Cameramen of all news channels keep their cameras fixed on women crowd only.

They also pick and choose beautiful and modern girls and keep showing them all the time while Imran Khan or Dr. Tahirul Qadri address their supporters.

At IK’s sit-in, TV channels particularly have been showing a woman who dances every day at different taranas and PTI’s songs. This focus may bring trouble to that lady.

As there are many maulvis, analysts and politicians who are criticizing women dancing at the IK sit-in. They think it is un-Islamic. Any religious fanatic can resort to violence against these women after listening to these maulvis condemnation of these women.

That women is particularly in danger as cameramen of all TV channels have shown her so much that now everyone recognises her even at a glimpse.

Secondly, such women-focused coverage is declining the male protestors due coverage by media. They are also participants at the sit-ins and their contribution should not be sidelined. It shows gender bias as well.

Thirdly, it is very cheap. I count it as stalking.

At every event, TV cameramen and photographers try to take picture of women. They keep looking at women and take their pictures.

Why? Male participants also deserve the same interest of the cameramen.

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