Imran Khan is doing wrong!

Imran Khan is doing wrong! | PakistanTribe.comImran Khan is doing extremely wrong, what has got into his mind! I am speechless and shocked to see what is he doing? I heartily condemned his plan for the New Pakistan, Re-election campaign, protest and every useless thing that he is doing out here! He is not doing any thing right!

Hunger has become a part of living

Life seems easier despite starving

True that, this nation has become habitual of all the tortures; hunger, high prices, killing, etc. We shape and mold ourselves according to the situation. Why Mr. Khan is burning his blood under the scorching sun? Like Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Mr. Khan has also determined to wake up the sleeping nation, why? What for? Indeed he has some personal interest behind all his struggles, right? Spending his days and night inside a container abandoning his peace at home, just to enjoy the experience of such an adventurous life? Seriously, I believe Imran is doing all these stunts to have fame… isn’t it? He is very much needy and too much desperate about being famous, the only “world cup” winning captain of Pakistan, really needs to be famous through different acts, the only Pakistani to hold the record of “all rounder cricket triples” really needs to be famous, The person to hold the title of being the third best leader in the world, really needs fame, The vice-chancellor of University of Bradford really need to be famous!! Right?

Yes I condemn Iran Khan for standing up for this careless nation; Iran has done extremely wrong by shifting the interest of Pakistani youth from item songs, useless gossips, towards raising their voices and actions for their nation, For the first time he has spirited the young’s to realize that Pakistan is not a junction to stay for a limited time and leave for the better stop, but Pakistan is a final destination which has to be owned. Even Sir Syed Ahmed has been considered an enemy, when he stood with a slogan of new empowerment, new spirit; so what has gone into Imran’s head that he has started thinking and working for his people? Why is he giving away his life, family and peace for the people? Imran is certainly doing wrong that he is fearing Allah instead of America. Indeed, Imran is making himself immortal by wasting his life in serving the nation and choosing to embrace death so he may appear in the course books of the generations to come as a national hero!

All these rulers, stuck to their chairs, have no dignity and essence of human in themselves, despite the roar of hundred of bereaved people standing in a queue, they are not even turning their deaf ears towards them? All these rulers of ten other political parties have united against the so called wrong doers “Tahir ul Qadri” and “Imran Khan”, condemning the re-elections and re-engineering of the system, why? Because they all are afraid, that the cleaning of the system will wipe away their chance of looting the forthcoming opportunities of tremendous wealth. They are afraid of the storm because this storm can show up all that they have hoard and hide.

This revolt is not with a single party, nor with an individual, this war is for the sake of those unheard poor! This democracy is indeed hypocrisy, because what a typical definition of democracy is availability of equal rights to all individuals, but here we have a bifurcation of classes, where the poor becoming poorer and the rich becoming richer, the law are active for only the ones who have flooded wallets and there is no justice for the ones who are the victims of injustice! Poor have no rights to fall ill because they cannot afford the treatments; poor have no right to admit their children to school because legally it is the right to study for only those whose parents give warm bundles of notes under the table to the teachers for their promotions to next grades. Is this real democracy?

Even if the rulers are not giving an ear to what ever is being said in all these speeches of these mad men and the senseless public standing under the hot sun and cold rain, we the people should at least understand and realize the theme and need of standing united against these evil pharos. IK and TQ do not have an intention to become the leader of Pakistan; their goal is to wipe away the culprits who are eating our motherland. To bring up our country to the level to which it belongs. Imran is no more a name of an individual, it is a name of a spirit, an idea, a struggle, and there is an Imran in every house who is raising his voice for justice!

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