Tech sensation; Lahore based Entrepreneur succeeded to built his dream home by selling a WordPress theme

Tech sensation; Lahore based Entrepreneur succeeded to built his dream home by selling a wordpress theme | PakistanTribe.comJust increasingly with time, there often comes success story associated with Information technology that becomes the reason to change the whole life of individual. One of the likeable story of a Lahore based Entrepreneur, Muhammad Haris, recently got highlighted who had been successfully made up his dream brusquely.

Partnered with US-based designer Luke Beck, Muhammad Haris started their WordPress development venture that got named as Avada.

Released on 6th August, 2012, this WordPress theme on Australian tech site ThemeForest, has made its couple creative team, who came to recognition as ThemeFusion themselves which has now reached to more than $4 million in sales.

Highlighting features of Avada, it has been enlightened that users can control each and every element of the site from theme options panel and customizes it for their needs. Moreover, it has been built keeping in view usability from the start making it as user-friendly as possibly it could.

Have a look at its user friendly and vibrant demo: Demo Avada

Coming to another side, not this is only a profitable endeavor but now this leading theme has enabled this emerging entrepreneur to make dream house for his family.

According to Muhammad Haris:

“The three story building will house his entire family as we live in an extended family system. We are able to build this house thanks to selling one theme on ThemeForest. However, right now we sell only one theme, Avada, which has over 60,000 copies sold.”

Pakistani Entrepreneur Muhammad Haris succeeded to built his dream home by selling a wordpress theme | PakistanTribe.comSo have a look at the success story of this entrepreneur in his own words:

Moreover, this pulsating theme Avada got declared as the “Swiss Army Knife” of website theme by Envato CEO, the company which possesses ThemesForest. Definitely, this label is utterly enough to portray its vibrant success among all themes.

Seeing this triumphant story, it would be apt to say, technology, if exploited passionately, has the power to get glory in this competitive world as well as achieving life dreams in diminutive time.

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